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Early morning walk

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Have you gone for an early morning walk?

When the woods are dark and the world is still waking up

And the moon still lingers in the sky, beautiful as ever

And the sun begins to rise, creating its master piece yet again of purple, pink and orange

There, a subtle sound among the trees…a deer, blended in perfectly with the forest, except for its white tipped tail

Here a squirrel runs across the trail, busy as always, as squirrels seem to be

Have you gone for an early morning walk?

If you do, please do not take your distractions with you

Do not flood your ears with music, for you will miss out on the symphony of song bird

Yes, I know this is impermanent, and if I try to make it otherwise, if I grasp at it, it will break my heart

But I still have this moment, the feel of this tree trunk beneath my hand, the sound of the river following its journey to unknown places

I do not know if there is life after death

I do not know if there is rebirth

I do not waste my time pondering these unknowables

I do know this. This moment is all I have. And I do not want to waste it

So I will go for my early morning walk

And I will graciously say thank you, over and over again

To the Universe, to the Creator, to whoever or whatever gave me the ability to appreciate beauty, to be in awe, and to feel utter gratitude for this moment

For this may be my last moment. And this may be your last moment

So, I ask you again

Have you gone for an early morning walk?


Then what are you waiting for my friend

~ Anonymous

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