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Pam Zentner, M.Ed. RYT 200


I feel that Yoga is my “fountain of youth!”  I began my Yoga journey a few years ago after discovering I had begun to lose such basic skills as balance and simple flexibility.  I felt I was too young to experience these physical limitations and began to investigate options to slow this down, not even considering that I might be able to REVERSE it altogether.  Through the recommendations of several friends, I reluctantly walked into a Yoga class at the YMCA, and it changed my life!  Through consistent, patient practice, I began to see myself in a different way, and I noticed that I had regained core strength, flexibility, and balance.  I still have plenty of room for growth in these areas, but I have come a long way, and I allow myself the grace I need as I journey toward better overall health.


Through the process, Yoga unexpectedly became so much more to me than just the asanas, or physical poses.  I learned how to quiet my mind for the first time ever.  According to Patanjali, the great sage of Ancient India, Yoga is the suppression of the mind stuff.  Although I work on that every day, that practice of mindfulness has become a powerful influence in my life, both on the mat and off.  My experience with the union of the physical movements of Yoga and mindful concentration created a thirst for more knowledge.  “What else do I not know?” is what I wondered.  So, to deepen my practice, I began my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Westside Yoga under the tutelage of Amber Barry.  Today, I continue to read and learn more about this beautiful ancient practice.


When you practice with me, you will be encouraged to listen to YOUR body and be patient with yourself, giving and allowing yourself space to grow; we all progress at our own pace, and I will remind you to be as patient with yourself as you are with other people.  I like to guide my clients through Pranayama (breathwork) as we connect our movements to our breathing, allowing us to “quiet the mind stuff” so we can reset and recharge in our time together.  As a lifelong educator, being in sync with my students and their needs is my top priority, and I bring this responsibility with me into the Yoga studio. It is my goal to create a fun yet safe and peaceful environment where you feel free to explore what Yoga can do for you. I feel compelled to help you discover this “fountain of youth” too!


When I am not on my mat, you might find me doing any number of things; my life has been one grand adventure after another! I have a myriad of interests and am not at my best unless I am learning or trying something new.  I read almost constantly. I have SCUBA dived in Antigua.  Gardening is one of my favorite pastimes, although I have never been accused of having a “green thumb.”  And I’ve even jumped out of a perfectly good airplane (more than once)!  However, my most precious moments involve spending time with my four children and three grandchildren.


It would be my honor to meet you soon.  Come practice with me.