Jordan Barbeau, Studio Manager and Marketing Coordinator

I may not be a yoga teacher, but that doesn't mean I don't love every second I spend at Sati Yoga. As the manager and marketing coordinator, it's my job to make sure the studio spreads peace, love, and happiness to as many people as possible, and I love what I do. After changing my mind more than a few times about what I wanted to do in college, I eventually decided on marketing, a decision that ultimately allowed me to be a part of the Sati family. I specialize in online marketing, and became a Certified Social Marketing Professional in 2019. I've done lots of freelance marketing work, and in addition to Sati Yoga, I manage and helped launch The Knowledge Tree, a company that provides continuing education workshops for mental health professionals. When I have the time, I've even helped some small business with freelance marketing services. When I'm not working, I'm either gaming, reading, or watching Marvel movies.