All Levels: This class is appropriate for some beginners and more experienced practitioners.  It blends flowing sun salutations with some held poses and includes options for more or less challenging poses.   Like all of our classes, mindfulness is an integral part of the practice.

Community Mindfulness:  This free class is intended as an introduction to the practice of mindfulness and it is offered to the community at no cost.  It will include a discussion on the practice of mindfulness and how we might apply it to daily life, some gentle mindful movement, and a short formal practice (such as sitting meditation, walking meditation, body scan or something similar).  The class is appropriate for all levels of experience and beginners are always welcome.  This is an ongoing class and folks are welcome to come as often as they wish.

Gentle:  This class moves at a slower and easier pace, to make it more accessible to people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels.  The atmosphere created in this class is one of safety, compassion, and acceptance.  Gentle yoga is a wonderful introduction to the practice and is a great way to relieve stress, improve strength and flexibility, and strengthen the mind/body connection.  This class is appropriate for all levels, including beginners.


Gentle/Restorative:  This class includes some restorative poses that are held longer and uses props such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks.  Like our gentle class, this class moves at a slower, easier pace and cultivates peace and deep relaxation.  This is a wonderful class with which to end your day and it is appropriate for all levels, including beginners.


Average Joe:  This is a great after-work class, especially for those who work in an office or at a desk most of the day, and for folks who “don’t do” yoga.  The class will focus on stretching the lower back, hamstrings, shoulders, and neck, as well as other body parts, to counteract the effects of sitting.  In addition, this class incorporates techniques to calm the mind and relieve stress, and it is appropriate for all levels, including beginners.


Basics:  This class is appropriate for some beginners and more experienced practitioners.  It may include sun salutations as well as a mix of gentle and more challenging poses with optional modifications.  Like all of our classes, mindfulness is an integral part of the practice.  Some knowledge of basic yoga poses is helpful, but not required.


Power Lite:  This class focuses on increasing strength, balance and flexibility by moving through flows, sun salutations and holding challenging poses, while incorporating mindfulness into the practice.  Because this class requires some basic knowledge of yoga poses and can be physically challenging, it may not be appropriate for beginners. 

Yin Yoga:  Yin is a calming, passive practice that may look and feel like deep stretching. Its purpose is to load the body's connective tissue, or fascia, for a period of time, with emphasis on joint health. Named for the Chinese taichi symbol depicting complementary duality, yin is a "cooling" practice ideal for athletes or anyone who wants to balance a busy, "fiery" lifestyle. As a practice of mindful presence, yin may help release deeply held tension and balance the nervous system. 

Slow Flow:  This class balances effort and ease with movements based on traditional sun salutations, paced to the slow, steady rhythm of your breath. Expect to build flexibility and strength as you flow through steady warm ups, alignment-based asana (poses), mindful relaxation and basic pranayamas (breath awareness). Creative sequencing will keep you inspired, and you will have more time to deeply explore the postures in your body. Props may be suggested for modifications in this "all levels" class, available to beginners and long-time practitioners alike. 


* We plan to add more classes as we grow!