Sati (/ˈsəˌtē/):  Sati is a Pali word, which is an ancient Indian language used in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. It is defined as awareness of the present moment as it is, as a means to develop wisdom in order to live with greater peace, freedom, and compassion.

Our Studio began as a dream to create a refuge in the midst of a busy world, a place for all people to cultivate well-being, peace, and stillness of mind.


Our space is both uplifting and accepting in order to provide an ideal setting for growth, whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner.  We offer a wide range of classes, from gentle to intermediate, that develop mental and physical strength, flexibility, and balance while emphasizing mindfulness and treating oneself with kindness and respect.


Our intention is to create a community of happy and healthy people who, in turn, create a positive ripple effect in the world around them.

*Winner of the Best of Atlanta 2019 award in the Yoga Studio category*

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