Sati (/ˈsəˌtē/):  Sati is a Pali word, which is an ancient Indian language used in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. It is defined as awareness of the present moment as it is, as a means to develop wisdom in order to live with greater peace, freedom, and compassion.

My studio began as a dream to create a refuge in the midst of a busy world, a place for all people to cultivate well-being, peace, and stillness of mind.  I realized that dream on August, 4th 2018, when I finally opened the studio.  My intention was to create a community of happy and healthy people who, in turn, create a positive ripple effect in the world around them.

In July of 2020 I made the decision to close my physical location, in large part due to the restrictions placed on small businesses as a result of COVID 19; restrictions that made it very difficult to remain open and sustain the business.

While my dream did not last long, I am grateful for the honor to have been able to share this beautiful practice of yoga and mindfulness with so many wonderful students.  Although the physical location of Sati Yoga is closed, I plan to find other ways to keep the vision alive.  

*Winner of the Best of Atlanta 2019 award in the Yoga Studio category*

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